Hay Banks Help Keep Beloved Horses with Their Owners

Coloradans have had a tough year with all the fires, floods and government shutdowns. Thousands of families had to evacuate their homes and even more had to tighten their budgets due to the economic impact it took on their lives. Many find it difficult to still care for their beloved

Reservation “Rez” Dogs Get Second Chance

This pup was shot in the leg and went untreated for a month until he was rescued. TAF has happily donated to surgically repair his leg. Through the many years of rescue I have had the pleasure of working with many organizations helping mixed breed dogs, purebred dogs, and special

Making A Difference in Puppy-Mills

It has been almost twenty years since I first laid eyes on her sweet face. I was in my senior semester of my veterinary technician program and we had been assigned a feline and a canine to “work up.” This meant ensuring that these animals got the proper medical care, nutrition,

Volunteers Needed – “The only gifts you ever keep are those you give away”

The Telluride Thrift Shop/ Telluride Animal Foundation is looking for creative, fun-loving volunteers to help us keep our shop running smoothly. For more information, call the shop at 970-728-1100 or stop by and ask to talk to us in person! Also ask about our volunteer incentives! Come in and help

Spay & Neuter Clinic Success!!

The Telluride Animal Foundation has committed a large portion of its resources to solving the overwhelming problem of pet overpopulation and has become a leader in offering safe, affordable, high-volume sterilizations in several surrounding communities like Montrose, Cortez, Delta, Crawford as well as in New Mexico & Utah. The ultimate

Fostering Makes All the Difference!

This post is long overdue considering that I fostered Peanut almost almost 3 months ago. My first experience fostering was incredibly rewarding, I can’t believe it took me this long to have our family foster a dog or cat! When I decided to foster Peanut, he had been abandoned, he

A Dog Day Afternoon

Telluride Animal Foundation is hosting a picnic on Hastings Mesa on Saturday, August 10 from 11:30am-2pm for families, individuals and animal lovers in the community! This annual event will be an afternoon relaxing with friends, staff and volunteers of the Telluride Animal Foundation in a fantastic and beautiful ranch setting.

Saved by Angels

Seven puppies and their mom found themselves in a shelter in New Mexico on the euthanasia list wondering how they got there. Sad, scared and all alone, it wasn’t looking good until a band of angels from Soul Dog Rescue, Telluride Animal Foundation and Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary swooped in to save

Gorgeous and Dazzle take flight!

What an extraordinary morning it was to take flight with two beautiful mother/ daughter basset hounds to their forever home in Santa fe, NM.  Gorgeous and Dazzle were relinquished to Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary when their elderly owner could not care for them any longer.  Once Debbie, the owner of

You know you’re a crazy dog lady when…

You know you’re a crazy dog lady when… You bring your dogs stool sample to work. by Maureen Pelisson I set off for work, with my laptop, breakfast and yes, my dogs stool sample. Wow, I’m definitely becoming a crazy dog lady or let’s face it – I’m already there.