How You Can Help

Donate Money:

Example of what your donation can do:

$50 ~ Feed a shelter dog for 2 months
$125 ~ Microchip, Vaccinate, & Spay/Neuter a shelter pet
$500 ~ Feed 1 horse for a year
$1,500 ~ Sponsor a spay/neuter clinic for approximately 40 dogs/cats
$3,000 ~ a new horse shelter for 6 horses
$3,000 ~ TAF Scholarship Program
$5,000 ~ Sponsor a spay/neuter clinic for approximately 170 dogs/cats
$15,000 ~ Special case/special needs animals, Yearly
$15,000 ~ Disaster Relief & Preparedness Funding
$30,000 ~ New facility for Spirit Wind Horse Sanctuary
$40,000 ~ Yearly Haybank
$50,000  ~ Mobile Parvo Center

Donate Time:

Donating money in these tough economic times has gotten harder and more difficult, and we understand. But your help can be just as valuable. You can donate your time to the Telluride Animal Foundation and help us save animals!  We are looking for volunteers to help us with all sorts of projects, so please email us here!

You can also donate your time to help local rescue groups!  There are so many ways to get involved:

  • Walk dogs or socialize kittens at a local humane society
  • Foster a dog or cat
  • Volunteer at a spay/neuter clinic
  • Help take care of horses at an equine rescue

Email us for more information.