Hay Banks Help Keep Beloved Horses with Their Owners


Coloradans have had a tough year with all the fires, floods and government shutdowns. Thousands of families had to evacuate their homes and even more had to tighten their budgets due to the economic impact it took on their lives. Many find it difficult to still care for their beloved pets, and some are even forced to give up their animals. One of the missions of the Telluride Animal Foundation (TAF) is to keep people and their pets together because we recognize how important the human-animal bond is.

Almost every animal shelter and horse sanctuary in Colorado is FULL and they continue to receive calls every day asking for help or to relinquish their family horse(s). Although TAF helps support many feline and canine organizations, we also support horse rescues and local Hay Banks so people don’t have to give up their horses.

Hay Banks have been set up across the nation and are a temporary source of hay (and sometimes feed) for families who have fallen on hard times. Hay Banks prevent horses from starving or owners feeling forced to take the horse to auction. The hay is free, but all of these rescues do require an application and may have a limit on how much hay an owner can receive.

TAF has partnered with horse rescues and other organizations around southwestern Colorado to provide hay for people who need support so they don’t have to give up their horses. These rescues and organizations also believe that it is important to keep owners and their horses together and are thrilled that TAF is helping support their efforts.

If you need long-term or short-term assistance, please contact one of the following Hay Banks in your area:

Spring Creek in the Durango area – http://www.springcreekhorserescue.org

Buffalo Women Ranch in the Dove Creek area – http://www.buffalowomanranch.com

Western Slope Hay Bankhttp://www.dctc.org

Spirit Wind Horse Rescue in Crawford – http://www.spiritwindhorserescue.com

If you would like to find out how to support these rescues and Hay Banks or would like more information, please contact the Outreach and Program Director at alana@tellurideanimalfoundation.org


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