TAF collaborates with outside rescue organizations

Colorado is a lifeline for animals on the Navajo Nation By Maureen Pelisson Click Here For a PDF of the 12/31/16 Telluride Daily Planet Article One morning, David Tom of Gallup New Mexico was out walking his dogs when he saw a skinny dog runningdown the street after a car. He flagged down the

From Gallup with love!

Rez puppies, one dog head to Aspen written by Babette Herrmann It was a chilly Tuesday morning when Josh and Katja Rapaport, the founders of Telluride Animal Foundation, touched down at the Gallup Airport with the mission of saving a few lives. Eleven young rescued canines, including Sophie and her three

The Everlasting Evelyn

Three years ago we had moved into a new home with a yard. Our Beagle, Scooter, was alone in a house with a fenced yard for the first time in his life. Previously we had lived on a remote farm where he had other dogs, who had now passed on,

One of our most exciting air transports yet!

Such a great transport today!! Four adorable puppies, 3 cats and Wolfie all came from Gallup NM to Ridgway and Telluride!!! Wolfie will be fostered here in Telluride and we all can’t wait to meet him !!!! The rest will be at Second Chance Humane Society. All 5 pups and

A thank you from the San Louis Valley

It’s not everyday we get a wonderful thank you from one of the groups we donate to, but we thought it would be helpful for you, the public, to be able to see how we help shelters in need all over the four corners region. Please see below:   From: Frank

An Oldie But Goodie

ORIGINALLY POSTED DECEMBER 2012 Katja & Josh recently played a part in a true Christmas miracle for 2 dogs named Tiberius and Jaeger.  Here is their story in the words of Sally Nemeth on her blog Sal Gal Central… This story begins as many shelter stories do. An owner was moving

Telluride Olympic Skier elevates dog rescue to a world scale

TELLURIDE OLYMPIC Skier Gus Kenworthy Saves Puppies In Sochi Our very own Gus Kenworthy, is now a Silver medal winner at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. But even better, Gus has become an ambassador for the animal rescue cause on the international scene. Not only should this help with Sochi’s outlandish

Finding Pallas

It was rough losing Mazy. For nearly 10 years, she was my best friend and became my partner’s little girl. She was my first pet as an adult and we still miss her to this day. Losing a family member is rough! We needed time to grieve for our departed

Very Big Mastiff Girl Ends 2013 and Gives Hope for 2014

“Molly Malone” Story… On December 19, I saw a post from the Rangely Animal Shelter in Northern Colorado about a very big mastiff girl that was on the euthanasia list in Paris Texas. She needed to be pulled in two days or her time was up. This cutie was smiling at the

Fostering Makes All the Difference!

This post is long overdue considering that I fostered Peanut almost almost 3 months ago. My first experience fostering was incredibly rewarding, I can’t believe it took me this long to have our family foster a dog or cat! When I decided to foster Peanut, he had been abandoned, he