Reservation “Rez” Dogs Get Second Chance

This pup was shot in the leg and went untreated for a month until he was rescued. TAF has happily donated to surgically repair his leg.

Through the many years of rescue I have had the pleasure of working with many organizations helping mixed breed dogs, purebred dogs, and special need dogs, but this is the first time I have had the opportunity to help rescue Rez dogs.  Reservation dogs are exactly what they sound; they come from Native American Reservations.  I think in many ways I forgot that other communities in our area suffer from the same type of animal control issues and have very little help or outlets for stray or unwanted pets.

Since my move down to South Western Colorado I have met several groups working on population control, veterinary support, and rescue efforts for reservations dogs and their owners.  Unfortunately, there is still an overpopulation problem and many dogs have become a nuisance to people in the community. These dogs are struggling find food, water, and shelter and in many cases are shot, killed, or harmed.The other part of the story for these dogs is there is little to no animal shelters or control that can take in strays or can take in pets when owners cannot care for them any longer. The outcome for these dogs is the same…they are left struggling for survival.

However, there has been an increase in support from local rescues outside the reservations and many groups that strictly focus on rescuing reservation dogs.  Soul Dogs Rescue, New Mexico Rez Dog Rescue, Blackhat Humane Society, and other many individuals have dedicated their efforts to help save and rehome these wonderful and forgotten dogs.  These dogs need homes and the rescues need foster homes to continue help rescue more dogs. If you feel that you may want to help please contact a rescue in your area or the TELLURIDE ANIMAL FOUNDATION.

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