TAF Transfers Their Thrift Shop to Second Chance!

Telluride Animal Foundation and Second Chance Humane Society are announcing an exciting change for both organizations in the transfer of the Telluride Thrift Shop to Second Chance Humane Society.  Beginning August 1st, the Telluride Thrift Shop, opened November 2011, will be fully owned and operated by Second Chance Humane Society.

A Dog’s Life in Telluride

The Tourism Board just released the first of four summer videos. This one is called “A Dog’s Life in Telluride.” Nelson and his furry friends explain why Telluride is so spectacular. Check it out!!

Save the Pit Bulls — SPAY/NEUTER

Pit Bull spay and neuter project for San Miguel County!!!! Okay we have worked a great program with the San Miguel Veterinary Clinic — we will be sponsoring the spay and neuter surgeries for the next 6 weeks of any and all pit bulls in this area! . If you have a

Telluride Olympic Skier elevates dog rescue to a world scale

TELLURIDE OLYMPIC Skier Gus Kenworthy Saves Puppies In Sochi Our very own Gus Kenworthy, is now a Silver medal winner at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. But even better, Gus has become an ambassador for the animal rescue cause on the international scene. Not only should this help with Sochi’s outlandish

Telluride Animal Foundation Has Reached Gold!

Telluride Animal Foundation has received the GuideStar Exchange Gold participation level, a leading symbol of transparency and accountability provided by GuideStar USA, Inc., the premier source of nonprofit information. This level demonstrates Telluride Animal Foundation’s deep commitment to nonprofit transparency and accountability. As a GuideStar Exchange participant, we use their platform to

Finding Pallas

It was rough losing Mazy. For nearly 10 years, she was my best friend and became my partner’s little girl. She was my first pet as an adult and we still miss her to this day. Losing a family member is rough! We needed time to grieve for our departed

Very Big Mastiff Girl Ends 2013 and Gives Hope for 2014

“Molly Malone” Story… On December 19, I saw a post from the Rangely Animal Shelter in Northern Colorado about a very big mastiff girl that was on the euthanasia list in Paris Texas. She needed to be pulled in two days or her time was up. This cutie was smiling at the

Pet Food & Hay Banks: Telluride Daily Planet Article

Telluride Animal Foundation Sponsors Pet Food and Hay Banks $23,000 donated to food banks to help owners keep their animals December 16, 2013, Telluride, Colorado – The Telluride Animal Foundation is working with local rescues organizations to help people keep their pets during difficult times by providing a pet food

Horse Slaughter and the Auction Barns

It is a cold February day and I am walking around the Delta Sale Barn, not to buy horses, but to help an organization we have worked with over the years take a head count and to see how many horses will go for slaughter today. It is cold, the

Our gratitude runs deep

Dear Editor,You could hear the cries of joy all the way out in the bean fields when the Buffalo Woman Ranch received a phone call in early October from Jenny Karzinski, DVM. She knew of our work in equine experiential learning and was aware that we also had a few