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Telluride Animal Foundation Sponsors Pet Food and Hay Banks

$23,000 donated to food banks to help owners keep their animals

December 16, 2013, Telluride, Colorado –

The Telluride Animal Foundation is working with local rescues organizations to help people keep their pets during difficult times by providing a pet food bank run out of the Telluride Thrift Shop and by sponsoring local hay banks for horses.

Coloradans have had a tough year with all the fires, floods and government shutdowns. Thousands of families had to evacuate their homes and even more had to tighten their budgets due to the economic impact it took on their lives. Many find it difficult to still care for their beloved pets, and some are even forced to give up their animals.

Enter the Telluride Animal Foundation. In 2013 TAF has donated $23,000 to local hay banks in the area as a preventative measure to help struggling pet owners keep their horses. Local rescue groups in the area are reporting 10-15 calls per day from owners struggling to feed their pets and asking about relinquishment.

Hay Banks prevent horses from starving or owners feeling forced to take the horse to auction. The hay is free, but all rescues require an application and may have a limit on how much hay an owner can receive.

“The cost of hay has skyrocketed and the downturn economy has left pet owners with very limited resources for taking care their horses,” said Katja Wichland, founder of the Telluride Animal Foundation. “We’re helping responsible owners, people that need the help, but don’t have the resources.”

The Telluride Animal Foundation has also started a pet food bank at the Telluride Thrift Shop for dogs and cats. In exchange for a few volunteer hours at the shop, owners can receive food needed for their pets. They also accept pet food donations seven days per week at the thrift shop. If the food does not get used in Telluride, it’s donated to surrounding rescue groups and pet food banks in Colorado.

Hay Bank

TAF has partnered with horse rescues and other organizations around southwestern Colorado to provide hay for people who need support so they don’t have to give up their horses. For long-term or short-term assistance, contact one of the Hay Banks in the area:  Spring Creek in Durango (, Buffalo Woman Ranch in Dove Creek (, Western Slope Hay Bank (, Spirit Wind Horse Rescue in Crawford ( or Telluride Animal Foundation at

The Telluride Animal Foundation accepts donations for the hay and food banks it supports along with many more initiatives. Go to, stop by the Telluride Thrift Shop on the corner of Colorado Avenue and Aspen Street, or visit them on facebook/tellurideanimalfoundation.

Press contact: Maureen Pelisson, 970-729-0706

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