Very Big Mastiff Girl Ends 2013 and Gives Hope for 2014

“Molly Malone” Story…

On December 19, I saw a post from the Rangely Animal Shelter in Northern Colorado about a very big mastiff girl that was on the euthanasia list in Paris Texas. She needed to be pulled in two days or her time was up. This cutie was smiling at the camera with her tongue sticking out and I couldn’t resist her face. She looks like my Saint Bernard mix, Maddie. I could have scrolled on by, but something inside me said “you can do this.”
I put in an application to adopt her and paid the transport fee not knowing what I was going to do with her as Maddie doesn’t love other dogs. But, I knew I would figure it out.
I’ve since named her Molly, even though that might not be her name in the long run, but I didn’t want to refer to her as number 117ZX. The Rangely Animal Shelter manager, Vicky coordinated everything, she emailed me and called me on what I can only assume were her days off (not sure there are ever any days off in the animal rescue world). She put me in touch with Carla the wonderful volunteer in Texas who pulled Molly from the shelter. Carla drove Molly from Texas to Colorado last weekend along with several other dogs that have been set free.
Molly was spayed this week and I’m picking her up from a Rangely volunteer on Saturday afternoon. She’s been adopted on a trial basis from my neighbor’s Jon, Lela and their adorable daughter Maggie. We all are excited to meet her. Stay tuned…
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