Saved by Angels

Seven puppies and their mom found themselves in a shelter in New Mexico on the euthanasia list wondering how they got there. Sad, scared and all alone, it wasn’t looking good until a band of angels from Soul Dog Rescue, Telluride Animal Foundation and Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary swooped in to save

Gorgeous and Dazzle take flight!

What an extraordinary morning it was to take flight with two beautiful mother/ daughter basset hounds to their forever home in Santa fe, NM.  Gorgeous and Dazzle were relinquished to Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary when their elderly owner could not care for them any longer.  Once Debbie, the owner of

Who’s That Doggy in the Window

Written by Maureen Pelisson: When walking the streets or trails surrounding Telluride, you may encounter many owners hiking with their pure-bred dogs. But, what you may not know is that many of them are rescue dogs. Sure, there’s a huge for profit pure-bred industry in this country, but one myth

Bandit & Little Girl

Bandit and Little Girl may have had a rough start to life, but now they are making up for lost time!  These siblings spent the first two years of their lives in a back yard with very little comforts, not to mention without the socialization that every growing puppy needs.

Adoption Day Success

On Saturday Feb 16th the Thrift Shop held a very special event – an Adoption Day featuring 8 darling dogs, and 1 cat.  The dogs were from Running Dog Ranch in Delores and Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary in Crawford.  It was a beautiful sunny day in Telluride, and the dogs

A Miracle for Christmas

Katja & Josh recently played a part in a true Christmas miracle for 2 dogs named Tiberius and Jaeger.  Here is their story in the words of Sally Nemeth on her blog Sal Gal Central… This story begins as many shelter stories do. An owner was moving and couldn’t take

The Chronicles of Claude

Claude has taken a very special place in our hearts here at TAF.  He is a 30 year-old mule who was destined for slaughter until Alisha’s Promise Horse Rescue stepped in.  Claude was one of the lucky ones, and he now lives with a new family of his own!  Recently

New Lease on Life

Blanco and Star are just two of the horses at the Dream Catcher Therapy Center that have been rehabilitated by the amazing team there with financial support from the Telluride Animal Foundation. Their lives converged at Dream Catcher where Kathy Hamm rehabilitates horses. Blanco, a palomino yearling colt was rescued

Spay/Neuter Reduces Overpopulation

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Spay and Neuter reduces the cycle of overpopulation on the Ute and Navajo reservations. It’s hard not to notice the animals in need on the Ute and Navajo reservations in Colorado, Utah and Arizona. From the skinny horses on the side of the road to the pregnant dogs roaming the

The Place of Lost Causes

A big THANK YOU to our friend Noelle in Norwood. She just saved two old horses from a not so great future. With a little love from Telluride Animal Foundation, she had the courage to bring in these beautiful horses to live out their lives in a great and loving