Rescue Organizations We Support


Below is a detailed list of some wonderful rescue organizations that we continue to support.

Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary

Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary

In September 2009, Debbie and David Faulkner decided to officially sanction their ranch as the Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary where stray or abandoned animals can have a safe place to live until permanent homes can be found. In the case of some, they will live out their lives at BCS. Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary is a Colorado nonprofit corporation and is a state licensed animal rescue organization in beautiful Crawford, Colorado.

Second Chance Humane Society

Second Chance LogoSecond Chance Humane Society has been working with the Ouray and San Miguel County communities and beyond since 1994 to address the needs of homeless pets of this region. They have grown from a small grassroots volunteer driven foster care program to an established organization with a fully staffed shelter and thrift shop and numerous community services.  Their mission is to save animals’ lives and promote responsible pet parenting and the human-animal bond.

New Mexico Dogs


NMDOG is an all-volunteer, 501 (c) 3 registered non-profit organization dedicated to helping chained/penned dogs throughout the state of New Mexico and beyond. Although their priority is chained/penned dogs, they have extended their outreach to include the many other desperate situations dogs find themselves in from no fault of their own.  NMDOG’s short-term goal is to offer some level of comfort to those outside, enduring the harsh conditions.

Soul Dog Rescue

soul dogSoul Dog’ mission is to humanely control the pet overpopulation problem through focused and aggressive spay/neuter programs in underserved communities.  They strive to partner with the communities where they work, in order to create sustainable change through education and community buy-in.  Soul Dog is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization, and is currently a small group of committed volunteers making a difference in the life of one animal at a time.

Hoof & Paw

hoof-and-pawHoof and Paw is a small group of volunteers who rescue stray and abandoned animals in the west end of Montrose County. They do not have a shelter facility, and all their pets are cared for by foster families.  Hoof and Paw is always looking for new foster homes, so if you are considering temporarily caring for an animal in need please contact them!