Save America’s Wild Horses

When we founded the Telluride Animal Foundation, we were thinking of all those animals that are underprivileged in our society. And just recently, we came aware of the plight of the wild horses. In fact, a large number of those wild horses live in Colorado. Wild horses represent an important part of America’s past and we want to help make them a part of our future.

TAF will be sponsoring in August, the Telluride premier of Wild Horses & Renegades, a film created by James Kleinert. We will continue to update you on the event date and time, but in the meantime, they are trying to raise money to push this film into a broader arena to spread the word about how the wild horses are being decimated by our own Bureau of Land Management!

Please check out the movie’s website for incredible footage and information:

And their fund-raising effort:


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