The Chronicles of Claude

Claude has taken a very special place in our hearts here at TAF.  He is a 30 year-old mule who was destined for slaughter until Alisha’s Promise Horse Rescue stepped in.  Claude was one of the lucky ones, and he now lives with a new family of his own!  Recently we received a letter from Claude’s new family, and here is what they had to say:

“Claude found his way to his new winter home in Montrose with the help of everyone at Telluride Animal Foundation, a guardian angel, a generous sponsor, Alisha,  and the wishes of a little girl . Many thanks from all of us.  Truly, the human spirit of compassion and generosity is shining  around Claude’s story.

When we arrived to meet Claude, Alisha had him out of the trailer and was sitting on him. It was love at first sight. He is an old gentleman. Clearly, wise and a little worn but grand in a way that only a mule can be. I had brought a bucket and a few gallons of water, knowing he would be thirsty after transit. He wisely took a few sips and resumed his good-natured gazing at the hustle and bustle of the Conoco on a Sunday afternoon. We put on his new red halter and lead rope.  My daughter was sitting on him and riding around the parking lot in no time.

There was a sense of relief for him when my daughter scratched his forehead, offered carrots and proudly rode him around the parking lot. He was allowed about 45 minutes and then loaded back on the other trailer heading to Montrose. Joe, the owner of Coal Creek Stables, is an amazing horseman and a wonderful person. He was looking forward to meeting Claude. Even after a very long day of travel Claude hopped out of the trailer with a spring in his step. He looked around the ranch with his big fuzzy ears forward and heaved a happy sigh that seemed to say “I am home, hallelujah!”. And home he is.

My daughter lead him to his corral and we took his halter off. He had a good roll, a good pee, a good nose sniff with his neighbor and then walked over to us  and put his head right on Joe’s chest. Joe rubbed his ears and beamed. So did Claude. I could see a total change in him right then and there. He is happy. He is secure. He knows he is going to be okay.

I can hardly conjure up the words to express the gratitude that I have for everyone involved in making Claude safe and happy. There is absolutely no doubt that Claude would have gone to slaughter. He was sold for “kill weight”, by the pound and was abandoned in what is called the “kill pens”. That is where Alisha found him and saved him. There are many, many others who are not as fortunate as Claude, many who are not saved. But I like to believe, I have to believe, that each time an animal is shown mercy and respect that our collective heart gets a little bigger. We are all better because of Claude. So, thanks Claude, you have home in our hearts.”

We are so glad that Claude found this loving family and gets to live happily ever after!

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