Donations, Donations, Donations…

  • Posted: January 26, 2012 
  • by Katja & Josh Rapaport   -  
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When we opened the Telluride Thrift Shop, we had no idea how quickly it would become viral. So viral that we have raised almost $45,000 in just 2 months of being open. And since we have paid off a years worth of expenses in just 2 months, the rest of the year all that income will go directly to the Telluride Animal Foundation, which means a LOT of money is going to various animal rescue groups. It is rare for a charitable organization to be blown away with how much money they have to give away, and our new, small non-profit feels blessed to be so fortunate.

And with that in mind, we have started the process of spending that money on various urgent needs situations in the animal world. So far we have sponsored over 1000 bales of hay for horses this winter, by donating to various rescue groups, including End of the Trail Horse Rescue in Olathe. There are many people who cannot afford to feed their horses this winter when they are not eating of the range.

We have set up spay and neuter clinics in the New Mexico Reservations for approximately 300 dogs and cats by the end of march.

And we are helping Second Chance Humane Society purchase a new adoption mobile!

And this is just the beginning. So keep bringing by your donations, volunteer at the shop, or just spread the word!

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