At Black Canyon with a Professional Photographer

  • Posted: November 6, 2011 
  • by Katja & Josh Rapaport   -  
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I took two friends out with me to the wonderful Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary in Crawford Colorado. The place is so free feeling , with wonderful dogs meeting you as you get out of the car, 40 acres of openness, and the back drop is needle rock this massive volcanic cliff. Many of the adoptable dogs run free and hang out together and explore and play. Its not the average animal shelter , it is a sanctuary! I brought with me Jim Hurst, a photographer who loves dogs and a vet Tech Sarah who worked at Best Friends in Kanab UT. We had a super fun day. Trying to get the dogs to be still long enough to get photos was interesting but Jim came through with some real beauties!! And Sarah just jumped right in , started helping with vaccines and trimming nails, she also evaluated a VERY pregnant chihuahua that had been dumped in a near by town, and low and behold she gave birth late last night.  Here are some of the amazing photos of the day….


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